Planning Commission Agendas

October's Planning Commission Meeting has been cancelled due to lack of agenda.

Bridgeport Planning Commission Schedules November 1, 2018 Public Hearing on Amendments the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code and adding a new Chapter 15.30 Wireless Communications Facilities.

The City of Bridgeport Planning Commission is holding a Public Hearing on Thursday, November 1, 2018, at 7:00 pm in City Hall to take testimony and consider comments on amendments the City’s Land Use Element and Land Use Designation Map of the Comprehensive Plan; Amendments Chapters 17.08, 17.52, 17.56, 17.60 and 17.80 and adding a new chapter 17.50 Bridgeport Municipal Code; and, the addition of a new Chapter 15.30 Wireless Communications Facilities. Copies of the proposed amendments may be reviewed on the City’s website or are available at City Hall for the copy cost. Written comments will be accepted by the City until 4:00 pm on November 1, 2018.

Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan include: the addition of a new “Agricultural Overlay” land use designation that provides the foundation for amendments to the Zoning Code that permits commercial agricultural uses in the City; amendments to the Land Use Designation Map that changes the land use designation of the property located on the northeast corner of Columbia and 10th from residential to commercial and the on block bounded by Tacoma,Monroe, 24th and 26th from light industrial to residential; and modification of a goal statement and addition of a recommendation related to the permitting of commercial agriculture in the City.

Amendments to the Zoning Code include: 17.08 – repeal of definition of “date mining operation” and replacement with a definition for “cryptocurrency mining”; 17.50 adding a new Chapter 17.50 Agricultural Overlay that establishes the overlay district and provides a purpose and development standards; 17.52.020 District Use Chart adding a new column for the Agricultural Overlay and modifying based on new definition for cryptocurrency mining; 17.56.020 decrease the front yard setbacks in residential zones from 20’ to 10’ where the City has 80’ of right-of-way; 17.56.215 add new section detailing requirements for permitting of commercial agricultural uses in the Agricultural Overlay; 17.56.190 repeal existing regulations for data mining operations and replace with new regulations for cryptocurrency mining; 17.60 modify off-street parking requirements to clarify and add stall dimension standards; 17.80.030 modify to provide the option of obtaining a variance for construction on a non-conforming lot; 17.80.040 and 050 modify to double the number of years and extensions that may be grant a discontinued or destroyed non-conforming use or structure.

The new Chapter 15.30 Wireless Communications Facilities is required to comply the provisions of the “Spectrum Act” passed by Congress in 2012. The new chapter specifically addresses requirements for permitting wireless communications facilities as well as exemptions and limitations on the City’s ability to regulate existing facilities.

Kurt Danison of Highlands Associates, the City’s contract planner, will provide an overview of the proposed amendments at the beginning of the hearing.

The City wants the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Code to accurately reflect the needs and desires of the community.As your local planning body, Planning Commission members rely on residents, business owners, and citizens to provide input as part of the process.Documents with the proposed amendments are available for download under documents.

If you would like to discuss the amendments, contact Deputy Clerk Amparito Martinez at 684-4041 or Kurt Danison, Highlands Associates at 322-4037.

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